A note from the Art Director

Roman Zelenin
Art Director
I have to admit, I feel a bit anxious about presenting our first line of jewelry, anticipating the appraisal of our hard work. At the same time, it's fascinating to imagine myself behind the counter and realize that I'm surrounded by all the dearest it's so easy to work and dream with.

I recall standing mesmerized near a shop window with gorgeous diamond jewelry at a Hong Kong exhibition. I was wearing a tracksuit, Andrei was carrying a bag full of beach accessories, Olga was pulling herself together to ask to try on a necklace worth a Pacific island. We were as far from Fine Jewelry as Kostroma is from Hong Kong.

We registered our trademark, ZELENIN, 1.5 years later. I had to get newly accustomed to my surname having turned into a brandname, and to increased responsibility.

Welcome to our world of reasonable luxury.


A wedding ring is a symbol that is put on to be worn for life.
The traditional design of a wedding ring does not consider the anatomy of a human hand, for which reason it is not easy to find a ring that will not restrict our regular body movements.

DEEP Jewelry rings fit the finger comfortably due to their skewness which follows the shape of palm lines.
DEEP rings symbolize deep feelings that will last forever.
Our collection of wedding rings with cultivated diamonds was initially conceived to spread the idea of efficient luxury. It is possible to make yourself happy and maintain environmental balance at the same time.
We are calling out to people who share our love for art, humanity and the world.


A hummingbird has become the symbol of our way of thinking. It is as light as our hollow jewelry and as fragile as our planet's health. The figurine and the parure "Ratio" are examples of delicate craftsmanship and our first foray into the world of reasonable luxury.

Items ZELENIN are set with cultivated diamonds, produced responsibly. The core of the brand's philosophy is promotion of sustainability and labour dignity.
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